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In the heart of the Treviso plain, in the Piave and on the left bank of the river valley, it was founded in 1969 by eleven founding members, the Agricultural Cooperative "La Salute".....

Sand, gravel and clay make up a soil irrigated by deep water veins, deep are the roots of the culture of the vine in these lands.
Food and wine, history, scenic beauty combine in a territory in which farms, wineries and beautiful farmhouses are found buried between the rows.

The territory, prepared by nature and rich wine tradition, is able to offer very different grape varieties together the ideal conditions. The production of the vineyards is established on the basis of their vocation or for the particular passion of the winemaker for a vine. The vineyards are located in the towns of Ponte di Piave, Monastier, Zenson, Biancade and San Polo di Piave.

From these vineyards that the tenants of the Cantina La Salute draw nectars delicious, substantial reserves, quality wines, the rediscovery of indigenous vinified in purity, blends with interesting nuances, sparkling flower al'occhiello note the Treviso area.

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