About us

Different ages, cities and works.

A competent computer software programmer, a sales manager fond of wine tourism and the wisest holder of a wine delivery company.

VinoNpertutti  (Wine Not for everybody) come from the passion for good wine of a group of friends, the wine produced with devotion and sacrifice, fundamental components in the work of many winegrowers, able to make an outstanding product.

This common passion has carried out this heterogeneous group of friends to exchange opinions about little-known wines, almost a challenge in search of the best product.

So why not VinoNpertutti?
Why not to spread and share with others our selection of wines?
Why do not enlarge the knowledge of high quality products?

This constant exchange of ideas, led to the project VinoNpertutti, still inspire the authors, who are always in search of selected high quality wine to offer to their clients.

Why VinoNpertutti?
- not everybody knows Italian regional wines (for example Schioppettino from Friuli, Susumaniello from Apulia or Cesanese from Lazio);
- not many wines, produced in medium or small quantities, are known outside their region;
- not many winegrowers? products are present on the supermarket shelves.

VinoNpertutti is a shop-window for wines of small and medium handicraft farms which produce small quantities of wines and have peculiar productions such as wines obtained from autochthonous and local vines.

VinoNpertutti is a discovery of a new taste.

VinoNpertutti is the Italian quality within reach.

VinoNpertutti is the innovation (e-commerce) meeting the tradition (the work in the vineyard).

Vinonpertutti is different ?

VinoNpertutti is our passion!

VinoNpertutti, simply, is not for ?everybody?.

Taste us, and if you have some wine to suggest us,  register to our newsletter! We will keep you up to date about news and events ? we would like to become friends of wine.

(Dario, Fabrizio, Massimo e Roberto)