Rosso di Villa DOC Piave 2015


Rosso di Villa DOC Piave - Alcohol content: 14.5% vol.
Variety: Single variety Merlot.

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Rosso di Villa DOC Piave
Alcohol content: 14.5% vol.
Variety: Single variety Merlot.

Production zone: vineyards of Campo di Pietra, Piave river basin, to the south east of Treviso. The grapes come from a vineyard with a layout of 5,000 vines per hectare, south-east facing, which surrounds the company headquarters.

Terroir: well-drained soil rich in organic matter ideal for obtaining fine, elegant wines comprising by percentage clay (30%), lime (35%) and sand (35%).

Training system: short Guyot, with a yield of 6,000-7,000 kg per hectare.

Harvest period: To obtain the best quality, green harvesting is practised, whereby clusters of grapes are thinned whilst still green, which ensures remaining grapes receive greater nutrition. Hand picked into crates at full maturation.

Vinification: Destemming and pressing of grapes. The maceration is conducted in wooden vats over 20 days. During devatting, the wine is decanted into barriques, where it completes the malolactic fermentation.

Maturation and ageing: In new French oak barriques for 15 months. Then aged in bottles for a further year before being released to market.

Sensory characteristics: a deep-red coloured wine, with an intense, grapey bouquet, with mature forest fruits, coffee and chocolate, ethereal and mature with age. Dry tasting, mellow, savoury, correctly-tannic body, harmonious.

Food pairings: Ideal accompaniment for select dishes, game, spit roast meats and medium-mature cheeses.

Serve at 16–18°C in wide-bowled glasses with a long stem.


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